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Eden & Verite

2nd April 2018 - Monday 20:00

Sensational indie pop artists EDEN and Verite are bringing their signature sounds to the Paradise Rock Club!

EDEN is the musical project of music producer, singer, songwriter, and multi instrumentalist (guitar, piano, violin, and drums). Born in Dublin (Ireland) in 1991, he began his musical journey at the age of 7 by learning classical violin and music theory. In his teens, he got tired of playing in the school band and orchestra and started to focus on other instruments. He taught himself to play the guitar, piano, and drums and it wasn't long before he was composing his own music (under the moniker The Eden Project). He started off with conventional styles of electronic dance music such as dubstep (a genre of electronic dance music that originated in England and features overwhelming bass lines, reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and occasional vocals) and drum and bass (a subgenre of electronic music often characterized by fast breakbeats - typically between 160–180 beats per minute - with heavy bass and sub bass lines, sampled sources, and synthesizers). In 2014, he changed his stage name to EDEN and his style to indie pop. He's had a stellar career with 2 extended plays and a performance at the Electric Picnic music festival. His debut studio album (VERTIGO) comes out on 19th January 2018.

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