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Peter Hook and The Light

28th April 2018 - Saturday 21:00

Peter Hook and The Light, England’s sensational post punk artists are bringing their signature sounds to the Paradise Rock Club!

Peter Hook and The Light was formed in May 2010 by the former bassist and co-founder of renowned English post punk bands Joy Division and New Order. Peter was born in Broughton (Salford, England) in 1956 and, along with guitarist and keyboardist Bernard Sumner, formed Joy Division in 1976. The band’s musical style evolved from punk roots and went on to make them one of the pioneers of the post punk movement (a genre that departed from punk's raw, accessible style and pursued a varied range of experimental sensibilities). The speaker Peter used (bought from his former art teacher for £10) when he started playing with Joy Division was of such poor quality that he had to play very high bass lines in order to hear over Bernard’s loud guitar playing. This eventually led to his signature playing style (characterized by ominous and droning bass lines) that instilled the importance of rhythm in punk rock and went on to inspire a generation of new wave bands. Peter provides lead vocals and his son Jack Bates (bass), Andy Poole (keyboards), Paul Kehoe (drums), along with David Potts (guitar) complete Peter Hook and The Light's line up . They’ve made a name for themselves for their live performances of Joy Division and New Order albums.

Don’t miss your chance to witness the pioneering sounds of Peter Hook; bassist of highly influential English bands Joy Division and New Order! Click the button below to see Peter Hook and The Light on Saturday, April 28th!

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