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Super Duper Kyle

9th April 2017 - Sunday 20:00

Super Duper Kyle, California’s sensational hip hop artist is bringing his signature sounds to the Paradise Rock Club!

Super Duper Kyle is a rapper from Ventura (California) who began his rap journey in 2010 by posting music videos on YouTube. His first stage name was K.i.D (Kyle is Determined) but he changed it to get more personal with his audience. He said in an interview, “I feel like throughout my career I just want to like give people more and more and more of myself. You know what I’m saying peel back layers, I feel like it’s all about like you know what I mean, exposing more and of yourself and just going deeper. And I feel like KYLE was like you know you can’t get any more real and personal than your first name, and I just feel like I was outgrowing K.i.D and it was time to evolve.” He titled his debut album after the eighth studio album by American rock artist Bob Seger. “I wanted to come up with a title that described myself, I wanted to the album me but I didn’t want to say my name necessarily. That what I wanted to do cause it was like my first project that I’m putting out. I wanted it to be almost self-titled…I want it to just describe me in two words, boom boom. I was talking to my friend…and he was like just name it Beautiful Loser. That was kind of the inspiration for that.”

Don’t miss your chance to see this artist add a unique touch to hip hop music!