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The Damned

24th May 2017 - Wednesday 19:30

The Damned, England’s sensational punk rock artists are bringing their signature sounds to Paradise Rock Club!

The band was formed in London in 1976 by guitarist Brian James (aka Brian Robertson), drummer Rat Scabies (aka Chris Millar), vocalist Dave Vanian (aka David Lett), and bassist Captain Sensible (aka Raymond Burns). The band’s been through many line-up changes over the years and currently consists of Dave Vanian (vocals), Captain Sensible (guitar), Monty Oxymoron (keyboards), Pinch aka Andrew Pinching (drums), and Stu West (bass). The band’s musical style is distinguished by a fast-paced, energetic playing style and attitude. They, along with the Sex Pistols and The Clash, are renowned for being the pioneers of the punk movement in the UK. They’re also one of the first bands who played in the gothic rock genre. They’ve had a stellar career with 10 studio albums, 15 live albums, 31 compilation albums, 9 music videos, 2 EPs, and 31 singles. Their music has also been featured on the compilation albums Hardcore Breakout USA (Volumes 1, 2, and 3) and Hardcore Breakout – Essential Punk. 3 of their albums have been certified Silver in the UK and they have 9 singles that made into the top 40 of the UK Singles chart.

Don’t miss your chance to see the highly influential artists who became the first British punks to release a record, have a hit single, and tour America!