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The Dresden Dolls

3rd November 2017 - Friday 20:00

The Dresden Dolls, Massachusetts’ sensational alternative rock and dark cabaret artists are bringing their signature sounds to the Paradise Rock Club!

The Dresden Dolls were formed in Boston in the year 2000 and is a duo consisting of Amanda Palmer (lead vocals and piano, keyboards, harmonica, ukulele) and Brian Viglione (drums, percussion, guitar, bass guitar, backing vocals). Their musical style falls under the dark cabaret genre; a style based on the aesthetics of the decadent and risqué German Weimar-era cabarets, burlesque and vaudeville shows with the stylings of post-1970s goth and punk music. The pair first called themselves Out of Arms but were influenced to change it by the firebombing of Dresden (Germany) and by the porcelain dolls that were a hallmark of pre-war Dresden industry. Amanda has said that she “liked the parallel between Dresden (destruction) and Dolls (innocence, delicacy), because it is very much in keeping with the dynamics of the music, which sometimes goes from a childlike whisper to a banshee scream within a few seconds.” They’ve had a stellar career with 2 studio albums, 1 live album, 2 compilation albums, 2 video albums, 8 music videos, 1 EP, and 8 singles. They’ve performed at many renowned music festivals such as South by Southwest, Bonnaroo, Reading and Leeds Festivals, and Lollapalooza.

Don’t miss your chance to see these artists keep the spirit of Weimar decadence alive with their glammy, emotionally chaotic piano pop!