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The Motet

7th April 2018 - Saturday 20:00

The Motet, Colorado’s sensational funk, rock, jazz, afrobeat artists are bringing their signature sounds to Paradise Rock Club!

The band was formed in 1998 in Denver by drummer and arranger Dave Watts. He first called it The Dave Watts Motet and designed it to be a musical collective with a rotating cast of musicians. 2 years later, he changed the name to The Motet and settled on a line up consisting of himself on the drums, percussionist and vocalist Jans Ingber, percussionist Scott Messersmith, guitarist Mike Tiernen, bassist Kurt Reeber, along with organist and keyboardist Steve Vidiac. The band’s been through many line up changes over the years and it currently consists of Dave (drums), Ryan Jalbert (guitar), Joey Porter (keys), Garrett Sayers (bass), Gabe Mervine (trumpet), Drew Sayers (tenor sax), and Lyle Divinsky (vocalist). Initially their sound incorporated elements of funk, jazz, folk, and world music and it evolved to include afrobeat (a combination of traditional Nigerian, Ghanaian, jazz, highlife music and chanted vocals fused with percussion) as well. They’ve had a stellar career with 7 studio albums, 1 live album, and 1 video album. They’ve also performed at many renowned music festivals such as Bonnaroo, Electric Forest Festival, High Sierra Music Festival, North Coast Music Festival, Wakarusa, and Summer Camp Festival.

Don’t miss your chance to see these artists add a unique touch to funk, rock, Afro-beat, and jazz music! Click the button below to see The Motet on Saturday, April 7th!

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