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The Psychedelic Furs

14th October 2017 - Saturday 19:00

The Psychedelic Furs, England’s sensational alternative rock artists are bringing their signature sounds to the Paradise Rock Club!

The Psychedelic Furs were formed in London (England) in 1977 by Richard Butler (vocals), Tim Butler (bass guitar), Duncan Kilburn (saxophone), Paul Wilson (drums) and Roger Morris (guitars). The band’s been through many line up changes since then and it currently consists of Richard Butler, Tim Butler, Paul Garisto, Mars Williams, Amanda Kramer and Rich Good. Over the years, their musical style has spanned many genres such as indie rock (a genre of alternative rock that originated in the United States and the United Kingdom in the 1980s, encapsulating the genres chamber pop, indie pop, lo fi, math rock, neo psychedelia, post punk revival, sadcore, and shoegazing), post punk (a broad type of rock music that emerged from the punk movement of the 1970s, in which artists departed from the traditional garage rock template of punk to pursue a variety of avant garde sensibilities), and new wave (a genre of rock music that moved away from smooth blues and rock and roll sounds to create pop music that incorporated electronic and experimental music, mod, and disco). They’ve had a stellar career with 7 studio albums, 2 live albums, 6 compilation albums, 2 video albums, and 22 singles.

Don’t miss your chance to see the British alternative rockers of the '80s, with several international hits, whose regal sound grew out of Bowie style art rock and gloomy post punk!