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9th November 2017 - Thursday 21:00

Twiddle, Vermont’s sensational jam band artists are bringing their signature sounds to Paradise Rock Club!

The band was formed at Castleton State College in Vermont in 2004 and it currently consists of Mihali Savoulidis (guitar, lead vocals), Ryan Dempsey (keyboards, vocals, organ, synth), Zdenek Gubb (bass, vocals), and Brook Jordan (drums, percussion, vocals). They’ve made a name for themselves with a unique musical style that blends rock, jazz, bluegrass, reggae and funk. According to Mihali, they decided to make music because it “has the power to evoke all kinds of emotion. It can heal as well as help in times of grief. I’m also really into energy and there’s nothing on Earth like the sharing of energy between a crowd and the band. On top of that, I love the power a single song can harness. One tune can turn someone’s day around or remind you of something super special.” They honed their craft for many years by composing original music and performing at their university and around the local area as well. They released their debut album (Evolution of Consciousness) in 2007 and it was a masterpiece showcasing the band’s eclectic inspirations, imaginative lyrical abilities, and superb instrumentation. They went on to have a stellar career with 3 more studio albums and have become renowned for their live shows.

Don’t miss your chance to see the artists who’ve exceeded all expectations with their sage songwriting and unmatched musical variety!